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Trail of the Snow Lepord Trekking

Trail of The Snow Lepord                                 Sunday, July 16, 2017 Stanley Mulvany  Invercargill, New Zealand   Journey to Kanchenjunga – on the trail of the snow leopard         The forest soon fell away beneath me as the track led up scrubby slopes to the snow line. Walking through the snow, my eyes fell on the tracks of a big cat. It has snowed the previous night so these were fresh pugmarks, clearly outlined. I knew instantly I was in the company of a...

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Tibet Trip 2006 Expedition

Kiwi/Irish Mountain Biking Expedition Lhasa to Kathmandu 2006  Tibet is on the roof of the world, a high, cold land of brown arid mountains and ice peaks, where the wind screams like a thousand dragons, and hurls dust into the sky. It is a land of Buddhist lamaseries and the devout, spinning prayer wheels on the Koras, or lying prostrate in the dust murmuring “ O Mane Padme Hum”, a land of giant lammergeyers, wheeling in...

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Project Nepal Expedition

Project Nepal   Some months ago Bryan Scott from Dunedin, one of my old climbing buddies called me and asked would I be keen on joining him on a mission to the earthquake affected regions of Nepal. On 25th April 2015, a massive earthquake hit Nepal. Over 9000 people were killed and 23,000 injured and hundreds of thousands made homeless. The epicentre was to the NW of Kathmandu.  I promptly agreed to join Bryan. We decided the best...

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